Your Stay at the Hospital

Know what to expect during your stay at Beverly Hospital

Your Inpatient Care

At Beverly Hospital, we’re dedicated to giving you the best care possible for your illness, injury or surgery. Our care team works together with you to ensure high quality and personalized care.

Before Your Stay

Your doctor schedules any imaging or tests you need before your hospital stay or surgery. If needed, we will schedule a COVID-19 test for you.

Our admissions team also contacts you to review your insurance information. Learn more about financial assistance.


Once you have an appointment, you will be given access to a secure, online registration form. Please fill out the document from home at least 24 hours before your appointment.

If you have questions, email the Access Services office or call 978-922-3000, ext. 2100.

The office is open:

  • Monday through Friday: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
When You Arrive

When you arrive for testing, surgery or to be admitted to the hospital, we collect important details from you or a family member.

You’ll be asked to provide:

  • Advance directives
  • Any doctor's orders or laboratory slips
  • Driver’s license or other identification
  • Health care proxy form, if you have one
  • Insurance cards and information
  • Updated personal information (ethnicity, preferred language, emergency contacts)

When this process is complete, we give you an ID bracelet. Please always wear the bracelet during your stay. The bracelet allows hospital personnel to positively identify you, which protects your health and safety.

Your Hospital Care Team

Your Beverly Hospital inpatient care team includes many people, such as doctors, food service workers, hospitalists, housekeeping, nurses, technicians and transport specialists.

Our hospitalists provide high-quality health care to patients in the hospital. Hospitalists are internal medicine physicians who care for patients during their hospital stay. These doctors and nurse practitioners focus on you and your illness.

At Beverly Hospital, the hospitalist team provides care 24/7. This means you can expect to see your hospitalist once a day.

Talking with Your Care Team

If you need urgent help at any time, use the nurse intercom call system attached to your bed, or use the emergency call button in the bathroom. A patient care team member will respond right away.

If you have questions about your care, please talk to your doctor, nurse or another member of your care team. You also can contact the hospital’s Patient Advocate with any needs, comments or questions about our services. Call the Patient Advocate CARE Hotline at 978-922-3000, ext. 2273.

If you use American Sign Language, don’t speak English or need help communicating with us, we can provide an interpreter or other language assistance.

A Care Transition staff member may contact you. Our social workers and case managers help with discharge planning, provide counseling and connect you and your family to resources during and after your hospital stay.

At Beverly Hospital, we believe in caring for the whole person. Learn about our spiritual care services.

Your Room

At Beverly Hospital, your room contains most of the items you need for a comfortable stay. Your nurse will explain the controls for the bed, lights, nurse call system and television.

  • Bathroom. The bathroom is equipped with an emergency cord if you need assistance. Pull the cord to signal the nurses' station and get help.
  • Bed. Your bed is designed for comfort and safety. We use side rails for protection. Please don’t try to lower the rails or climb over them. Ask your nurse for help getting into and out of bed.
  • Television. Each room includes a TV for your entertainment. We offer closed captioning for the hearing impaired. To activate captioning, press and hold the caption button on the front of the TV. The word caption will appear when it is activated.
What to Bring with You to the Hospital

Here’s a list of items to consider packing for your inpatient care:

  • Bathrobe
  • List of all current medications you take
  • Reading material
  • Robe
  • Slippers
  • Small amount of cash for newspapers or incidentals
  • Toiletries, such as hairbrush, toothbrush and toothpaste

If you forget a toiletry item, we can provide one for you.

Pediatric Patients

We understand the special needs of younger patients. Please bring your child’s favorite toy or comfort item. Be sure to label it with their name.

Parents are encouraged to stay the night with their child. We do everything possible to comfort and relax our young patients. Please tell your nurse if there is anything you need.

Caring for Your Personal Items

If you wear contact lenses, dentures, eyeglasses or hearing aids, please bring them with you. Clearly label them with your name. To avoid accidental loss:

  • Don’t leave items on your bedside table
  • Don’t leave these items on your food tray
  • Don’t wrap these items in napkin or tissue
  • Store personal items in your bedside drawer

If you use a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine, a cane or a walker, please label it clearly and bring it with you.

Beverly Hospital is not responsible for lost or misplaced items. 

What to Leave at Home

We recommend you leave these items at home:

  • Electronics
  • Jewelry
  • Cash and Credit Cards
  • Medications
  • Valuables

Beverly Hospital is not responsible for the loss or damage of any personal property kept in your room.

Substance Free Policy

Beverly Hospital is a smoke-free environment. We enforce a no-smoking policy throughout our campus and at all ancillary locations.

Recreational marijuana is not allowed on our campus. While it is legal in Massachusetts, we are a federally-funded facility and must abide by federal law.

Contact Admissions

Contact Patient Advocate

ext. 2273