Social Work Services

Social and emotional support for patients and families

Our Social Work Services 

Illness and hospitalization can be a stressful and challenging time for patients and their families. At Beverly and Addison-Gilbert Hospitals, we have professional social workers who can assist with the emotional and practical issues that may arise during an illness.

As part of the multidisciplinary health care team, clinical social workers are trained, licensed professionals who provide counseling, resources, information, and assistance with care planning.

Social workers can help to determine what community programs, services and benefits may be available to meet the unique needs of individual patients along their healthcare trajectory.

Medical Social Work

The social workers at Beverly Hospital offer support to address the emotional and social issues that can accompany a medical illness.

We work with patients and families managing many diagnoses and complex medical pictures including those diagnosed with cancer, cardiac concerns, end-stage rental disease, substance use, and end of life decisions.

We also assist those moving to their next site of care for rehabilitation.

Social workers can assist with a variety of issues including:

  • Coping and adjustment to a new diagnosis, illness or hospitalization
  • Impact of illness on children and family members
  • Grief, loss or end of life issues
  • Family or relationship problems that effect health and wellbeing
  • Families experiencing complications in pregnancy or infant loss
  • Families managing a child's illness or admission
  • Teenage parents
  • Alcohol or drug use
  • Violence in personal relationships or the community
  • Financial and insurance difficulties
  • Difficulty in accessing community services or programs
  • Housing problems

Ongoing Support

You or your family may have concerns and questions about your well-being during your hospital stay. Our social work team is here to help address your emotional and social needs.

Common questions we can answer include:

  • How do I cope with a new medical condition?
  • How do I designate a health care proxy?
  • How do I get my elderly parent(s) help at home?
  • What is a rehabilitation hospital?
  • What does this diagnosis mean for my quality of life?
  • How do I talk with my loved ones about my end of life wishes?
  • What do I do when I am home and my baby is crying?

Support for Young Mothers and Mothers-To-Be

The Connecting Young Moms Program at Beverly Hospital provides comprehensive support for teens and young women before and after giving birth. This is a free program offered by the Beverly Hospital Social Work Department in collaboration with the Parent Education Department.

We help young mothers develop healthy and positive parenting skills through health and parenting education, community resources and peer support. Our caring team is here to support you and answer your questions.

  • Connecting Young Moms offers free:
  • Birth doula services
  • Childbirth preparation classes
  • New moms support groups
  • Coordination of resources

Our Services

Birth Doula Services

A birth doula is a trained professional who provides support before, during and after you give birth. Our birth doula services include:

  • Prenatal birth plan meeting
  • On-call coverage
  • In person or virtual labor support
  • Postpartum follow up
Childbirth Preparation Classes

Our childbirth preparation classes are designed to help young women and their support person(s) prepare for birth. Participants receive a labor bag and a birth ball. We cover the following topics:

  • Emotional aspects of pregnancy
  • Signs and stages of labor
  • Signs of preterm labor
  • Comfort measures for labor
  • Role of the support person
  • Interventions during childbirth
  • Adjusting to your newborn
  • Postpartum realities
  • Dedicated class on breastfeeding education taught by a lactation consultant
  • Tour of the Beverly Hospital maternity floors
New Moms Support Group

Our new moms groups offer ongoing, weekly support for young mothers and their babies. Childcare is provided by Beverly Hospital volunteers during group meetings. The topics we cover include:

  • Healthy relationships
  • Joys and challenges of young parenthood
  • Balancing parenting, work and education
  • Child development
  • Enrichment opportunities

Our Team

Our team includes clinical social workers and a health and childbirth educator. We understand the importance of human relationships and offer you privacy and confidentiality.

We work with you to address any issues surrounding your pregnancy and parenting. Our caring and experienced team provides:

  • Emotional support
  • Education about the physical and emotional changes during and after pregnancy
  • Health education
  • Parenting education and skill building
  • Assessment of family needs, such as housing, continuing education and financial aid
  • Coordination of resources

For more information or to register for the Connecting Young Moms Program, please call978-922-3000, ext. 2720 or email us. We are located across from the hospital, in the Parkhurst Building, Suite 117.

We changed some of our programming during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please contact our staff for details about current programs.

How to Access Social Work Services

Contact our office directly. Leave a message anytime on our department voicemail, and we'll get back in touch with you as soon as we can.

Beverly Hospital

Call our office at 978-922-3000, ext. 2710. Social workers are staffed inpatient from:

  • Monday through Friday: 8 am. – 4:30 pm.
  • Saturday: 8 am. – 4:30 pm.
  • Sunday: 8 am. – 4:30 pm.

Addison Gilbert Hospital

Call our office at 978-922-3000x 2710. We’re open:

  • Monday through Friday: 8 am. – 4:30 pm.