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Financial Counseling & Community Liaison


Assisting the people of our communities to access needed health care

The Financial Counseling & Community Liaison office at Northeast Hospitals provides free information and advocacy for people who need assistance to access health care. If you, your child, or someone else you know needs: 

  • affordable or free health care
  • affordable or free health insurance
  • information about prescription programs

. . . . . perhaps we can help.

For Children 

In Massachusetts there are free and low-cost programs for children who have no insurance or not enough insurance. Every child is eligible for at least one of these programs: 

  • MassHealth-(Medicaid) has the best benefits for uninsured children. First, check to see if your child is eligible for this program.
  • CommonHealth is for disabled children whose family income is too high for MassHealth.
  • Children's Medical Security Plan is for all other children 18 years and younger who don't qualify for MassHealth. 

All the services of the office of Financial Counseling & Community Liaison are free of charge and confidential. 

To make an appointment, send an email, or call:

Beverly Hospital    978 922-3000, ext. 2127
Addison Gilbert Hospital    978 283-4001, ext. 623
BayRidge Hospital    781 599-9200, ext. 7909