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William Mead
Bill is a healthcare architect and Beverly resident. His most recent knee replacement at Beverly Hospital inspired him to send a review to the former CEO of Lahey Health, which went viral in the Lahey system and resulted in his membership on the Advisory Council. Bill’s experience as a healthcare architect keeps him attuned to the healing qualities of healthcare spaces and the care teams that utilize them.

Julia Long
Julia has been a member of the council since its inception, after her insightful suggestions from her experience with her son’s care and treatment of CVID (Common Variable Immune Deficiency). Beverly Hospital has been Julia’s go-to place for her family’s healthcare needs for more than 25 years. It’s where her three children were born and where she said her goodbyes to her father. Her son still returns to Beverly Hospital for his treatments each month, as he has since 2003, now on his own.

Rosemary Fournier
Rosemary started volunteering at Beverly Hospital when she and her husband moved here in 2002. As a founding member of PFAC and it’s first patient co-chair, she wants to help the hospital pursue its goal of putting patients and family at the center of care. She volunteers in the Special Care Nursery and with the young moms' support group. Rosemary’s perspective is twofold: as a patient having had multiple joints replaced at Beverly; as well as her working experience as a Chief Occupational Therapist (and member of the accreditation team) at a state hospital. Rosemary’s motto is “No decisions about me without me”.

Lynn Graziano
Lynn is a retired clinical social worker from St. Petersburg, Florida. She became involved after a family member was admitted to Beverly Hospital CCU without a health care surrogate or advanced directive. Although she contributes to various areas, her passion is raising awareness about the importance of planning for end-of-life care. She’s also active with Care Dimensions and the Senior Center.

Liz Loomis
Liz has been a volunteer at Beverly Hospital for over 18 years, serving as a volunteer greeter, transporter, gift shop cashier, and cuddler in the Special Care Nursery to name a few. Liz joined the council in 2013 following her husband’s lengthy battle with cancer. Her experiences have made her a strong advocate for patient-family centered care and improving the hospital experience. She also serves on the Performance Improvement and Patient Safety Committee. Liz aims to provide a patient and family perspective to decisions being made about care and care policies.

Johanna Nahatis Kadra
Johanna, a retired international flight attendant who resides in Hamilton with her husband, helps to oversee the care of her aging parents who have spent a great amount of time as patients at Beverly Hospital. She has been volunteering at Beverly Hospital and serving on the Patient Family Advisory Council for several years. Her experience with her parents has made her become passionate about senior care. Johanna cares deeply about the voices of elderly patients and their families and its enormous impact on clinical experiences and outcomes, and in preserving the dignity of our elders.

Joan Binford
Joan Binford has been a resident of Beverly since the 1960s. She was her husband’s caregiver for over twenty years until his death. Joan became involved with the Patient Family Advisory Council at Beverly after she shared her own patient experience. She brings her experience as a patient, caregiver, and as a management professional with over thirty years of experience. She shares her story at the CREATE workshop. Joan believes that “People really don’t care how much you know until they know how much you truly care”.

Patricia Papows
Patti is a former RN from Gloucester who graduated from the Salem Hospital School of Nursing in 1975. Most recently, her nursing has been focused on caregiving for her family as they went through pre-op and post-op care, radiation and chemotherapy, dialysis, physical therapy, rehabilitation, and elder home care and hospice. Patti is an original member of PFAC, sharing her perspective as both a family member and clinician.

Joseph Bubriski
Joe comes to PFAC at Beverly Hospital with the perspective of his experiences as a patient and family member combined with his expertise as a business owner for over 40 years managing a large organization. He has taken a keen interest in his own patient care and as a support person for his brother. Joe is interested in every aspect of healthcare and believes that a patient-centered approach is good for everyone, most importantly: the patient.

Lisa Moulton


Staff Members

Kim Perryman, MMHC, RN, NE-BC
Vice President of Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer

Donna Wheeler
Patient Advocate, Patient Experience

Rafael Meller, M.D.
Associate Medical Director, Lahey Hospital Medicine

Kristine Helgason
Executive Assistant to the Chief Medical Officer

Elaine Muise
Administrative Assistant, Performance Improvement

Javier Escobar
Manager, Environmental Services

Liz Tassinari
Associate Chief Nursing Officer, Cardiovascular Services and Nursing Practice, Quality and Education

Cheryl McDevitt
Director of Spiritual Care and Education