Breastfeeding Support

Resources for your baby’s feeding journey

Breastfeeding Support at Beverly Hospital

Whether you are pregnant and planning to breastfeed or your baby has already arrived and you’re already breastfeeding, we’re here for you. We provide a full range of support — from during pregnancy to birth and your time in the hospital, to outpatient support after you go home with your baby.

Here at Beverly Hospital, we offer certified lactation consultants to support you and your baby. Many of our registered nurses (RNs) in the Mother and Baby Unit also are certified in lactation. If you’ve gone home with your baby and need ongoing support, ask your pediatrician for a referral to see one of our lactation consultants.

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Breastfeeding Resources

Services We Offer

We provide a full range of services to support your breastfeeding journey, including: 
  • Breastfeeding education classes
  • Certified lactation consultant support
  • Inpatient breastfeeding support
  • Lactation-certified nurses
  • Outpatient breastfeeding support
  • Outpatient lactation consultations
  • Mother Baby support Group

Services & Specialties

Your Beverly Hospital breastfeeding support team coordinates care with other specialty providers across our hospital to ensure all your care needs are met.

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