A Circle of Care: Makala's Journey at Beverly Hospital

May 02, 2024

Beverly Hospital is more than just a workplace for Makala— it's a place where some of her life's biggest moments have unfolded. With nearly 15 years of dedication, she's risen from a fresh college graduate to the Director of Patient Access, a journey marked by the birth of new relationships and experiences.

Starting June after college, Makala began her career at Beverly— but Beverly Hospital has been more than just a place of work. It’s also where Makala found love. Her husband, a security supervisor, crossed paths with her during their early days at the hospital, and their romance blossomed into marriage and parenthood.

In July 2023, they welcomed their daughter, Ellie, into the world at Beverly Hospital. Makala recalls the exceptional care she received, a testament to the hospital's commitment to all patients. Reflecting on the experience, Makala remembers the support and kindness of the staff who guided her through these first moments of motherhood. As Makala looks back at her experience as a patient, she appreciates the comfort and care Beverly Hospital provided through it all. While returning to work as a new mom has had its challenges, Makala has found solace in her colleagues' consistent support and understanding.

Makala's journey at Beverly Hospital intertwines professional growth, personal milestones, and cherished memories. From the beginning of her career to the birth of her daughter, and the ongoing support of her colleagues, Beverly Hospital holds a special place in Makala's heart. Her unwavering dedication to her family, career, and community at the hospital reflects the enduring bonds built within the hospital walls, for both patients and staff.