Beverly Hospital Births Include Multiple Generations of Family

March 13, 2024

One family’s multi-generational history with Beverly Hospital

Beverly Hospital has the privilege of delivering more than 2,000 babies every year, helping to welcome babies into the world with warm, comforting, and compassionate care. We are always honored to be a part of mothers’ — and families’ — journey from pregnancy to childbirth and it’s an extra honor to serve returning patients as they come back to Beverly Hospital to welcome additional babies to the family.

Being able to welcome nearly two dozen family members into the world at Beverly Hospital over the past seven decades, however, is quite a unique honor! The Bartlett family has a multi-generational history with Beverly Hospital. “I am sure there was a time where you could have renamed the Labor and Delivery Unit the ‘Bartlett Birthing Center’ and no one would have questioned it,” says Jen Carter, a Nursing Leader here at Beverly Hospital who is the third family member born at Beverly Hospital.

The Bartlett family began its relationship with Beverly Hospital with the birth of Jen’s father in 1951 and continues to this day with the birth of Luke Bartlett in April of last year. To date, 22 Bartlett family members have been born at Beverly Hospital, ranging in age from 72 years to eleven months old, spanning three generations.

To Jen and her family, “Beverly Hospital means peace of mind by knowing that world-class care is right at our fingertips, in our own backyard.” Jen has been able to be present for many of her family members, as they have for the next generation of grandchildren, nieces, and nephews.

Not only has Beverly Hospital been able to provide “exceptional care to generations of Bartlett family members,” it has also provided Jen with a fulfilling career in nursing. Jen has “been able to grow as a nursing leader and support some amazing teams,” making Beverly Hospital an “essential part” of her community.

Meet the Bartlett Family

Twenty-two Bartlett family members have been born at Beverly Hospital, spanning three generations.

Bartlett family
Newest member of Bartlett family

The newest member of the Bartlett family