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Insurance Assistance & Information

Sharing Responsibilities 

Due to the rising cost of health insurance, health plans are currently offering many new policies to make health insurance rates more affordable for employers and employees. 

These policies require health plan members to be more involved in their health care decisions by contributing more to the cost of their care through higher co-payments and larger annual deductible amounts before insurance coverage takes over, in addition to other cost-sharing features.

These new policies are commonly referred to as consumer-driven health plans, where you, the consumer, make more decisions regarding your health care options. 

When you enroll in a new health insurance plan through your employer, or if you purchase a policy on your own, you must comply with the rules and requirements of your insurance policy.  If your policy requires you to pay a portion of your health care bills, you are expected to pay those amounts promptly. 

Although your employer and health insurance plan establish these requirements, health care providers, including Beverly and Addison Gilbert hospitals and affiliated physicians, are required to collect co-payments and deductibles directly from you on behalf of your health plan.  Often health plan members are unaware that insurance plans decrease their payments to hospitals and physicians by the amount that you must pay.  If we did not collect payments from you, we would receive payments that are less than the actual cost of providing your care. 

Since more employers will be purchasing new consumer-driven health plans, provider organizations across Massachusetts are implementing collection policies that begin at the time services are rendered, and may even occur when you are scheduling services or procedures for a future date. 

Where possible, we will make every effort to inform you of your expected financial liability for a visit or provided service.  You should also request details of such obligations as early as possible, such as when you are scheduling an office visit or medical procedure.  This information is available to you by calling your health insurance plan and requesting details of your payment responsibilities. 

Co-payments for surgical day care, office visits, mental health, and emergency room services are expected at the time of service.  These amounts should be clearly visible on your health insurance card. 

Deductibles and co-insurance amounts, when known, will be collected at the time of service. 

Beverly and Addison Gilbert hospitals accept cash, checks, and credit cards.  If you have any questions about your bill, please contact our patient accounts department by phone, 978 524-9950 or submit a secure, online inquiry.  If you wish to apply for free care, please contact our financial counseling & community liaison office at 978 922-3000, ext. 2045. 

If you are uncertain about your payment obligations prior to seeking medical care, you should contact your health insurance plan for clarification EXCEPT in the event of an emergency where you should seek medical attention immediately.   Due to the variation in health plan policies offered to consumers, only your health plan has the information to answer your specific questions regarding your insurance policy.