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Insurance Primer


Health Insurance Primer & Information Portal 

When seeking a new source of health insurance or making a change in carrier, there are a few key questions to ask.

  • Call the insurance company in which you are interested and find out what doctors, clinics and hospitals in your area accept that insurance. 
  • Ask about primary care providers, any specialists that you need, including gynecologists and eye doctors. 
  •  Ask about dentists if the health insurance program includes dental care.  Be aware that the insurance company might want to send you a directory rather than answer questions on the phone.
  • This same process can be asked in reverse.  That is, if you are interested in a specific primary care doctor or obstetrician, call the insurance company in which you are interested and ask if that provider is listed in their directory and thus accepts this particular insurance.
  • Call the primary care provider and/or the specialist in whom you are interested and ask the billing office which insurance carriers they accept.
  • Ask the insurance company when their enrollment period is.  As a new recipient of health insurance, you can usually just enroll.  If you are changing insurance company, however, you often have to do so at specific and limited times of the year called "open enrollment".
  • Be aware of the insurance choices generally available in your area.  Talk with your family and neighbors.  

Call the billing office of the largest health care provider in your area, i.e., hospital, clinic, or group practice and ask them what is currently accepted in your area.
The Patient Accounts Office can tell you what insurance is currently accepted.  The office's phone number is 978 524-9950, ext. 3000, send an or submit an online inquiry

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