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Audiology Services 

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Free Hearing Screening

Are you concerned about hearing loss? Schedule a hearing test with one of our Audiologists. Call us at (978) 816-2690 to schedule your appointment.

Our Expertise Makes the Difference

It's important to know who's evaluating your hearing. At Beverly Hospital, you'll be seen by a licensed audiologist who holds either a Masters or Doctorate degree in Audiology. As members of the American Speech, Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) audiologists must pass a national competency examination, complete a full-time clinical internship, and adhere to a strict Code of Ethics in order to maintain state licensure. Their extensive training provides superior evaluations, testing, real ear measurements and fittings, along with something equally valuable . . . peace of mind.

The Beverly Hospital Audiology Department has been designated by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) as a Level II Designated Newborn Diagnostic Hearing Center. Fewer than 20 hospitals in the state have this designation, which enhances the level of care and services we can offer when hearing loss is suspected in newborns. It allows us to perform more specialized diagnostic testing on site, and connect parents to the resources they need in a more timely and efficient manner.

Our services include:

Diagnostic Testing for Children and Adults

  • Comprehensive Hearing evaluations
  • Videoystagmography (VNG)
  • Occupational Health Hearing Screenings
  • Newborn Hearing Screenings

Hearing Aid Program for Diagnosed Hearing Loss

  • Exceptional continuity of care
  • Innovative Hearing Technologies from all major hearing aid manufacturers
  • Ear Protection and Assistive Devices
  • 30-day return period
  • Up to a 3 year manufacturers warranty
  • Unlimited cleaning, programming and hearing aid checks

Hearing Aid Technology - New Trends

Hearing aids have always been able to amplify sounds, but today's hearing aid technology allows the devices to amplify in the range of sounds with which you may need help, but without over amplifying sounds you may hear well.

Digital hearing aids allow the audiologist to program the aid to fit your needs both acoustically and environmentally. The digital technology will automatically adapt to the environment so that you can follow conversations even in challenging situations. If your hearing changes, it is simply a matter of reprogramming your hearing device to meet your new needs.

Most hearing aids have Bluetooth wireless capability enabling you to connect to devices such as cell phone, TV and MP3 players. Some hearing aids even have re-chargable battery capabilities, making it easier for the wearer who may have difficulty replacing small batteries.

Other new advances in technology allow us to aid even the most challenging degrees of hearing loss with technologies such as open fit, automatic feedback cancellation, directional microphones, and synchronized sound processing. With all these great new advancements along with sleek, miniaturized design, we are able to meet the expectation of people who are experiencing hearing and communication difficulties.

Contact Us

Addison Gilbert Hospital

(978) 381-7141

Beverly Hospital

  • Physical Therapy: (978) 922-8943
  • Speech/Audiology: (978) 816-2690

Lahey Outpatient Center Danvers

(978) 304-8700

Ask an Audiologist

ENG/VNG Patient Instructions

Please read and complete the questionnaire prior to your appointment. Please bring completed form with you.


Use the driving directions to Beverly Hospital. Those directions are available on this website. Upon arriving at the traffic light on Sohier Road, turn left onto Herrick Street. Turn right into the Beverly Hospital main entrance. Speech and audiology is located in the Parkhurst Building, which is the third building on the right. Parking is available nearby.