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Vision & Mission

We Understand It Is More Than a Career 

At Beverly and Addison Gilbert Hospitals, we believe that families and friendships are important. We believe there is life after work. We also believe in learning something new everyday.

"We believe in family and friendships..."

We understand that maintaining a healthy balance between your career and your family is a priority. We have established progressive Work and Family Benefit Programs. We provide on-site childcare with discounted employee tuition rates. We offer flexible spending accounts allowing employees to withhold pre-tax dollars for childcare, eldercare and medical expenses. We offer different types of work schedules to fit your needs: per diem, part-time and full-time.

"We take time to enjoy life..."

We offer recreational benefits for our employees. We have discounted movie passes, amusement and Water Park passes, discounted ski rates, fair tickets, and more.

"We believe in continuously learning ..."

Our employees are encouraged to take advantage of the numerous educational opportunities available to them. An experienced team of clinical educators and preceptors who tailor the orientation experience to meet individual needs coordinates our nursing orientation. We provide many ongoing CEU programs and workshops including our popular "Midday Lecture Series" with lunch included. We also provide in-house specialty unit training to allow for career advancement into specialty areas of nursing practice. Educational Training Programs exist for Oncology, Critical Care, Special Care Nursery, Emergency and Surgical Nursing (OR/PACU/SDC). For new graduates, we offer limited slots in our intensive yearlong medical surgical internship. We offer tuition reimbursement and financial assistance for certification and conference attendance.

"When you join our team, you receive MORE than a career..."

With a commitment to providing state-of-the art care, our nursing staff utilizes a collaborative practice model that encourages multi-disciplinary communication, problem solving, and support. Our decentralized nursing management approach allows each nurse to become involved with activities on their own unit, as well as with overall Nursing Division projects and committees.